SEK joins KGH – a leading, independent partner for
trade and customs management in Europe

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Welcome at SEK Zollagentur
and at the SEK Inhouse GmbH!

AEO F certified No.: DE AEOF 101353

Services overview:

General sevice offers:

24/7-Service, even on holidays

agency service at the airports Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin (representation for  nonresident

       forwarders, logistics- and courier-services) neutral and independent

installation and operation of outsourced customs clearance departments

processing of foreign trading documents at the Bundesamt für Wirtschaft

on time direct dispatches (courier services) in all vehicle categories

fiscal representation

Processing of customs claims and corrections



customs clearance, T-documents, return goods, temporary import

online-customs clearance with the IT-Systems ATLAS und NCTS

document- and freight-handling at FRA, MUC and BER airport

customs clearance, courier services, customs examination

classification of goods within German customs tariffs

on-board-courier-service at passenger terminals

veterinäry clearance, phytosanitary clearance


export declaration at interior customs offices (AES Export)

export customs clearance border (AES Exit) including

       MRN Qualification, Export Tax Confirmation

labelling and dispatch of parcels

issueing of Preference documents (Form A, EUR1, etc.)

opening of Carnet ATA's


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